Stay at Home Mom, Beth Robinson, Snubbed at DNC

When is the Stay At Home Mom coming? And then…here she appeared.

Where Did she GO????

I’m just sayin’….

I literally sat on my couch watching CNN, surviving through Bill Clinton’s speech on “Why I should vote for Obama”, and waited for the “Stay at Home Mom”, Beth Robinson, to speak. She got a Prime Time Spot! Whoo Hoo. Tell it girl!

I thought, “yeah, maybe she’ll sway me…”. So I listened to Bill, which was advertised as 10 minutes and swept to 30 minutes. Bill was a young, Vibrant, and relatable President. He was HUMAN. His speech wasn’t real. It was like he had an agenda and had a guy in a smokey room threatening to cut off his ass posse if he didn’t set it straight. At times, it was hypocritcal. Why would you say that someone other than your wife (who also ran) was the best person for the job rather than saying, “It’s time for the Democratic Party to Unite and get the Republican Policies out of Office” Saying someone else was better for the job…Bullshit. He can’t POSSIBLY believe that? Hillary? She’s put up with his cheating ass for their entire marriage!

Bill ends…I was humored that he went over his allotted time…I was proud. No one puts Billy in the corner…

When is the Stay At Home Mom coming? And then…here she appeared.

Where Did she GO????

CNN: James Carville and Andersen Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper pontificating on Bill’s Speach. Stay at Home Mom begins her speech in the background.

Quick I say, “John, go to FOX!!!”

FOX: Sean Hannity and Karl Rove chumming it up. Mom in the background…

Quick I say, “John, go Back”

He clicks to CSPAN. There she is. Speaking. She kept to her alloted 10 minutes. Nothing earth shattering, but “stay at home mom” had a slot and she was slighted.

Click back to FOX…still going on about “Wonderful Bill I cheated and I got caught and I’m now unifying the party as my wife and daughter grimace at the bullshit I am spewing about supporting Obama Clinton”…Who actually believes this are the same people that believe that having oral sex is not having “sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky”.

Click back to CNN…Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper is listening to Bill’s boy Carville I want to have him for dinner talk about slinging it back with a bunch of hookers on the bayou…(just kidding, but you get my point)…

Kerry approaches the podium…let’s listen to John Kerry…the men stop speaking. I don’t particularly care about John Kerry at this point.

So now, Kerry’s factoid on CNN is that “Kerry endorsed Obama while Edwards was still in the race”. What? Do they just all know that they are whore mongering politicians and it should come as no surprise to us? Kerry…Shame on You. You don’t throw those that supported you until after they lose the race….not while they are running the marathon…

Poor Elizabeth Edwards, you are a dying wife and mother, and make the cover of People magazine because your husband is rumored to have a love child…Poor Elizabeth. If a woman did this, she’s a whore. A man…what? A politician, A business man…the guy that lives in the really big house down the street? Your husband? I’m angry about this one ladies. I seriously can’t look at any man over 40without thinking…party lines set aside.

Fox news: Al Sharpton unites his posse. On FOX? What ignorant Democrat is watching Fox News without knowing that it’s slanted Republican? Ooops..they cut off Al…he’s not on their agenda if you know what I mean….

I’m just sayin’…

And Now we wait for the VP nominee old fart “Joe I Plagerized Biden” to speak and change our lives. Didn’t he lose two other presidential elections? Isn’t he a dude that plagerized and got caught in the 90s? Shoot, in my alma mater, I’d be expelled if I was caught cheating/plagerizing…Once a liar, once a cheater…You is what you is…

I look forward to the day…give me Bobby Jindal and his VP under 50. I’ll put the red dot on my forehead and make phone calls…

Enough with these corrupt old whores what owe somebody. Ladies…this isn’t the election that we’ll change the world, but it’s coming…we just have to be quiet and persistant about it.

They’ll push their media to stop us, but there are more of us than them…lets just find one of us that will get it done. Party lines set aside. I’m neither Nor.

I’m truly undecided.

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