Summer of Rapture

When Life hands you lemons, my mom always said, “Make Lemonade”. Fortunately, for me Firefly has invented Sweet Tea Infused Vodka, so I just add a splash to my lemonade and my troubles are numbed.

John’s business has been terribly slow this year, and I find myself calculating cash flows in my head.  I put the decision for Daufuskie this summer in his hands, and of course, he did the right thing by telling our homeowner that we needed some more time to commit.  Unfortunately for me, that meant that a predatory acquaintance snatched up my house before I actually found out that I wasn’t going to be busy this summer with work, and we, the Montgomery clan, were going to be at HOME this summer instead of my fortress surrounded by waves.

Sure, I can handle it, but I don’t have to be happy about it.  In fact this entire year of disappointment, heartbreak, and shock has made me so strong that I feel that nothing surprises me anymore, and frankly, no one can disappoint me either.  Truly, I feel that’s God’s lesson for me.  Reduce my expectations for the world and that way, when a jury of someone’s peers finds them not guilty, (which doesn’t mean innocent I have learned), I in fact, have nothing to say, which indeed causes me to get along well with others.  Also, a little splash of something something helps as well, but I’m digressing.

Gloria has gone to San Francisco for a few weeks, so she has generously offered up her house and I shall dog sit for her along with the three children, and my parents.  John will commute back and forth from the city as his business has picked up and he’s actually really busy.  The kids and I however are so excited to leave that I can’t see past when we have to come back to reality, because I know that I am going to absolutely relish every waking hour upon my island oasis.  Screw getting ready for school – we can do that when we return, which I have no plans or date for that.  I’ve gotten my girlfriend, Paula to call me in passes thru the fifth of August, even though Gloria comes back on the 30th and Paula is gone to Palm Beach until at least the 24th, and I have no idea where I will be, I just figured I could figure it out once I got there.  It’s not like the job market is interested in me, and frankly, I’ve given up even thinking that is a possibility.

So, I, Sinclair Montgomery, Lemonade drinker extraordinaire, am escaping via a lifeline to the island that I love, with the three most important souls on my planet, and just surrendering to the possibility of what is in front of me.