Is Wishing Death a Sin?

Is Wishing someone die a miserable death a sin?  Probably.

I’m afraid to ask, because I certainly don’t want Father Baptist to think negatively of me, not that he even really has a judgement one way or the other.  But, I wonder if wishing someone would suffer a really miserable death is a sin.  At this moment I can think of nothing better for Justin Happer to deserve.  He’s made my sainted husband curse, and at this point in my fiery stick up for yourself defender of all that I love life, I sit and plot his demise.  Even the sound of his voice irritates me and I can not believe that God would allow this louse of a creature to continue on in this world, let alone be an owner of a company Saint John would help.

I send all of my negative energy towards Baton Rouge and hope that he breathes it all in.  Nice and deep.  I feel helpless and motivated to murder all at the same time.  Yes Justin Happer the louse of all lice.  A parasite is among the unsuspecting investors of Wasby Towers and St. John is torn as to what to do.  Not to mention the fact that this is destroying my dream of getting to Daufuskie for the summer, and delaying my permanent relocation.

Today I repeat the week of after school mini-van taxi driver for all of the after school activities that are keeping my children out of trouble and preparing them for future college scholarships and sports teams.  Getting away from the house during this time of wishing a toxic intestinal virus on Justin Happer (whereby his life ends realizing that his shit does in fact stink), is in fact a good thing.  Again, I don’t know whether wishing death is a sin, but I do realize that it’s not a very nice thing and I don’t want Father Baptist to tell me to say a Hail Mary and move on.  I’m not in the mood for forgiveness.

I wonder, is there a story whereby one forgives a thief in the bible?  According to my reality, in government those that are thieves are punished.  If Justin Happer has committed a crime and it’s going to go unpunished, the least I can do is pray that God has him burn in Hell after he suffers from a bowel explosion in a very crowded room.

At the least I should file a credit bureau complaint against him.