Contracting A Virus Via Facebook

I finally get a virus…via Facebook.

One of the ways I entertain myself is via the social entity that is Facebook. It’s become a beautiful thing. I periodically and regularly check out my friends from BC (Before Children) and enjoy evening games of Scrabble, Word Challenge, and hysterical pictures from my youth (submitted by a sadistic friend). It’s fun, it’s harmless, and it is entertaining.

Last night, I received an email saying that my girlfriend, Alex, had sent me a video asking, “Is that you making love?”…now, Alex is funny. I thought, that’s weird, but it’s probably some random girl doing something funny to that Strokin’ song that everyone plays at their wedding. Just the week prior, I had shared a video of a girl attempting to Pole Dance and she knocked herself out when she tried to go vertical.

It was quite funny, and I thought, Alex was reciprocating the humor…which in the midst of the monotony which was the olympics, I appreciated.

So I clicked on the video and it said that I needed to download the latest version of Flash, and NOT THINKING and distracted by Shawn Johnson’s shortness of 4’9″ tall, I quickly clicked the video and it downloaded the codesecsomethingorother.exe file onto my computer. It was at this point that I thought, no, something’s not right here, and clicked out of the page and went back to Facebook and clicked over to my Word Challenge game to see what new score I could achieve and my 8 year old was sitting next to me ready to get started.

Then…I got popped out. I thought, hmmmm….so I logged back in, and I got a message from facebook saying that my account has been suspended by an administrator and that was that. What had I done? Well, the deal is, according to my googling research, it was a virus that attacked my friends list and Facebook had done what they needed to do…

My question is…will my account ever be reactivated in tact? I cringe at the thought that my pictures are lost, my contacts lost…my high scores are lost.

Dear Jesus that knows someone at Facebook…please have them fix this so that I’m back soon. I got an email from a girlfriend…who has the exclusive on poking me multiple times daily…wondering why I was no longer on Facebook. It’s going to be a real pain in the bootie to recreate myself, not to mention the months I’ve spent doing hits on MobWars.

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