Daddy Dumb

On Retrospect, my counsel was wasted.  She Divorced Him.

I think I have a career in marriage counseling.  Not in my own, but in others.  I just have to figure out how to monetize my advice – maybe my patients could buy me a nice bottle of wine?

Spent :53 on the phone helping out daddy daycare.  Gave him the his needs, her needs counsel, and when I asked him “what does SHE need?”, he went silent.  Sometimes I think we overlook what our loved ones need because we think it’s not “correct”..i.e. “That’s ridiculous!”

My counsel was very close to some “Insight” I learned from Oprah the other day…when we eliminate our “baggage”, our “noise”…we can very much live in the moment, and just enjoy that moment.

Daddy daycare has a beautiful wife.  She’s stunningly beautiful.  She needs adoration and love.  She needs “some frequent lovin!”  Daddy daycare is beat down and not feeling that he’s measuring up.  I remember that episode in Desperate Housewives where Lynette was working and Tom was at home with the kids (who were nightmares in their own right).  Tom just wasn’t able to perform to Lynette’s liking – and she was belittling him for that).  Well, my analysis is that Daddy’s not performing because she’s making him feel inferior.  He doesn’t feel like a “man”.  She tells him that “he’s not being the man that she married”.

“That’s Ridiculous”  she would say.

“I’m so sad”, he would say.

There is always an excuse not to have sex…on both sides.

My counsel was to implement a stroke, per se in that part of his brain, and make the moment, live in the moment, and put all the other baggage aside to satisfy that “need” of hers.

Break it down.

One step at a time.

One need at a time.