The Pope Don’t Vote. Remember That.

Please don’t tell me what box to check to get through the gates.

There is the most religious man over in Vatican City, and if anyone is in the front of the line, I would bet my equity remaining on my house that he’s the first across the great gates. But here is the thing – he doesn’t get to vote in our USA – we do. Mary didn’t get much of a vote either – she just rode on the back of the donkey and prayed that she wouldn’t be stoned to death, since she was with child by someone other than her husband…. Okay,so I get that. But I also strongly believe that politics and religious doctrine don’t mix.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia…hey, if your face isn’t covered over there, their government will stone you, kill you, put you in jail…a mixture of government and religion! You betcha!

I believe that government should stay out of my bedroom, boardroom, closet, and doctor’s office. I also want them out of my church.

I also know that I probably wouldn’t make the choice that so many young women, older women, and women that don’t remember where they were last night may possibly make in regards to terminating a pregnancy. Their business is none of mine, and it’s certainly none of a divine from across oceans.

I take great offense to any person, man, religious figure, or otherwise, telling me, someone that is entitled to my own opinion, choices, and outcomes, that there is no other choice but for the ticket that lacks the ability to choose. I personally wouldn’t choose that outcome for my own, but I also have made the conscious effort in my life to stay out of tricky situations, I’ve stopped having children by the age of 35, and I’m planning on being honest about life with my own children when they are ready to know the truth.

Pro Life for me, but Choose it for yourself, and protect your children from making bad choices that inevitably create bad outcomes.

So please, Mr. Pope, stay out of our government, preach your beliefs from the pulpit, but don’t tell me what box to check in order for me to be right behind you when the gates open.

That’s not why I’m voting.