Last Days of School

How many days of my life have been wasted redoing something I thought was on autopilot?

Oh, how I can’t wait for school to be completed. It’s agonizing. We’re getting ready to go to our favorite place in the world, otherwise known as my final resting place…Daufuskie Island. To say I love this place is an understatement. It is truly on Daufuskie Island that I breathe the kind of breaths that my yoga goddess tries to describe, but during class leads to hyperventalition. Not on Daufuskie…

The boys are so ready to be done. The after school sporting events even bore them. Today is our last tennis lesson, and if I were a betting person, I would bet that John volunteers to take them so that I can complete the task he has assigned me today….

I’m frantically trying to get brochures printed out for John, and the printer isn’t cooperating. Hour six into trying to get it to work, I have manipulated the printer queue to print out a page at a time, twelve pages, twenty copies…oh yeah, my life… outside of taking care of everyone else is such a waste of time. My accomplishment today: the printer is printing out a page at a time, taking about 2 minutes per page…useless. I did have visions of taking a walk, or playing princess with Mignonne, but instead my husband scooted me back into the office to figure out the printer, and I listen while he has a tea party with little miss M. and I count the number of times the printer clips away at the page and then rise when it’s time to start a new page.

How many days of my life in a year has been wasted redoing something that I already thought was on autopilot. Last week, our website mysteriously went down, and the week before that our email was shut down after spammers took over our email address and started sending out emails relating to penis enlargements and erectile disfunction. The wireless function on John’s laptop stopped working, thus making it a useless tool of computer crap. Then, the blog that my husband wanted to set up related to topics within his line of work was locked, and our top performing website was no longer listed on the search engines, because of the fact that it “mysteriously” went off line. I’m stumped, but also so frustrated that it’s all coming at the same time.

So it should come as no surprise that I’m totally ready for the summer and a change of pace.

So we’re off to Daufuskie, only three more days. No car seats, no traffic, no after school sporting activities, and I’m taking a break from the functions of a printer…oh, and John is doing the tennis thing. Only 100 more copies to print…

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